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Hey travelers!

It’s time for an official announcement! Vagabonds is currently Open for Submissions! Send us your work, your poetry, photography, short stories, travel journal excerpts, digital artwork, etc. We want to be immersed into your work. We have a submission guidelines page on our tumblr, or you can just view the information below. All work must be submitted in a single email to To get a sense of what we accept, take a look at our previous issues:

Vagabonds is an anthology that is published twice a year. We had the pleasure of releasing the first edition on August 6th, 2012 and is still available for anyone who is interested in a copy. All copies are free.

Currently we are Open for submissions. Our final deadline is August 16, 2013.

Our release date for the next issue is set for September 26, 2013.

To get a better feel of what we are looking for, we ask that you review our previous anthologies in the Archives Section.

We harbor the mad ones. People who are dedicated to their work to the point that they become misunderstood, or seen as a hot mess of crazy. Our anthology does not seek to break boundaries, we want to break boundaries and go farther. We want the shameless—the deep dark, cigarettes and dirty words combo. Although there is not a set theme of what we’re looking for, we often look at slice of life works. Works featuring the life of the nameless, whether it’s the brighter side or if it’s the pure filth. When we review submissions, we want to be immersed. As Vagabonds, we are nameless, and it is our pleasure to feature the stories of such people.

Please submit all work in the form of an attachment to our email address:

Your email should contain the information below:
-Your name/Pen name
-titles of your work, type of submissions (photography, poetry, etc).
-a brief biography. Bios must not be longer than a paragraph.
Each contributor is limited two three works per category (3 poems, 3 short stories, 3 photographs, etc.).

Please be sure to email us using your current and most used email address as we will be notifying you through the email we have on file. If necessary, you can leave a secondary email address and we will send confirmation emails to both.

All files need to be in DOC or DOCX format as we cannot always open other formats. If your file cannot be opened or read we will skip over it. When submitting we ask that you submit your files in this format:

Blogname.submissiontitle.doc or penname.submissiontitle.doc

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, however if your work is taken from at another anthology, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible.

Although we would prefer unpublished material, previously published work is accepted, granted the artist as the copyright to the work in question.

There is no monetary compensation, however all contributors accepted into the anthology get free copies of the issue they were accepted in. This includes physical copies, as well as a PDF E-book.

Now that the basic information is out of the way, what exactly are we accepting? Well Vagabonds enjoys variety!

Photographs and Artwork: We do accept digital artwork and photographs; however we are not a journal that is printed in color. Any images sent to our anthology must be in Black and White in order to be printed. Please note that we are working with a publishing space of 6x9 and would appreciate it if the images could fit that paper space. If not, images will be scaled down if necessary. If the image cannot be scaled down and it does not meet our paper size we cannot place it in the anthology.

Short Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction: We have limited space and cannot afford to publish larger fiction pieces. We are looking for short scenes and flash fiction for the most part. If submitting please note that our word limit is 2000 words per submission.

Poetry: Contributors can submit up to three poems that do not extend over five pages. Please note that we are working with a 6x9 paper size and would prefer all submissions fit into that space. If your poem does not fit the space and you get chosen, we will ask you briefly if the work can be changed. If not, or no answer is received we will not be able to publish the work. All forms of poetry are accepted!

Playwrights: We are accepting a short scene from a play or short excerpt from a film script. We ask that it does not extend over 5 pages.

All written work must be submitted in single spaced format, 12-14pt size, and in a readable font.

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